As part of the larger Triple Point series, these watercolor and gouache paintings are a reaction to the media reports of the effects of climate change in some of our most vulnerable environments. They are an attempt at understanding and recreating the enormity of the potential impact of melting polar caps, shifting shorelines, and the dangers of rising sea levels. They are reminiscent of satellite snapshots, and parts of a greater puzzle of moments implying impending and imminent disaster.

To achieve the desired effect, the artist melted ice and snow, flooded surfaces, and used reactionary materials to create unpredictable reactions. As the pictures dried, only erosion and remnants were left of the original ice that was used.

Because our movements and moods are always shaped by our physical and political environment, (objects around us, time, light, and our general perception of reality), we are engaged, willingly or not, in a constant back and forth with Nature that keeps pushing back as we find, or more exactly elbow our way for, our place in it.