Clouds (Drawings)


As part of the larger Triple Point series these drawings, in both silver point and graphite explore the ephemeral nature of moments. Representing clouds at specific moments in the artist's life they explore the relationship of self and nature.

The drawings done in monochromatic black and white and in small scale capture both a memory and the ability to hold power over the environment. Worked methodically and often with references of specific cloud formations and landscapes, the artist attempts to create a sense of placement in time and space.

While the installation In the Space of a Day encompassed the viewer, these small drawings allow the viewer to become the enveloper.

Because our movements and moods are always shaped by our environment, (objects around us, time, light, and our general perception of reality), we are engaged, willingly or not, in a constant back and forth with Nature that keeps pushing back as we find, or more exactly elbow our way for, our place in it.